Mar 19 2018

We felt confident about the Jack & Lily brand when we started carrying their line of My Mocs almost two years ago.  The brand was started by Brenda Buell from Vancouver, BC. It was her dedication to her children and finding a good quality shoe for her babies that encouraged her to create the Jack and Lily line.

Why we like Jack & Lily Mocs…

The My Mocs collection is a great functional footwear that replaces the standard slip-on shoes for babies and toddlers.  Hand-crafted from genuine leather, premium non-toxic materials, the My Mocs offers a Velcro closure that is adjustable adding room for wigglers and plump tootsies.

Another feature that we love is the flexible rubber soles that have no-slip grip for those little ones beginning to toddle.  These are great for indoors or outdoors and day-cares love them. With their easy closures, their rubber soles, and the breathable leather they are perfect indoor shoes for a daycare.

Jack & Lily has also put time and energy into creating a shoe that is not too stiff and not too loose to ensure proper alignment.

They come in a number of styles. Everything from sandals. moccasins and running shoes. We currently carry sizes from 0-36 months.

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